the background: BHS, a company that manufactures corrugating rolls (the replaceable part of the corrugator that cuts, shapes, and forms the cardboard), was losing customers to overseas competitors who were delivering inferior products at lower costs.

the challenge: Having just built a brand-new, industry-leading US-based facility, BHS needed a way to convince customers there was no better alternative.

the solution: A campaign running in trade pubs that touted the roll-manufacturing capabilities of the new facility and portrayed BHS benefits in a unique, human way.


HEADLINE: Because you can only make board as fast as your rolls allow. BODY: Get up to speed with BHS' new roll-manufacturing facility in Knoxville, TN. With guaranteed delivery times of eight weeks, a Campbell flute grinder, and two custom-designed Flame Spray tungsten coating booths, you'll experience faster run speeds—and more uptime. See what our 35,000 square foot plant can do for you. And remember, great results come from great rolls. 

HEADLINE: Because you can only make board as strong as your rolls allow. BODY: Produce the most durable board possible with BHS' new roll-manufacturing facility. With 35,000 square feet of lean design space, state-of-the-art equipment like a brand new Campbell flute grinder, and a process that guarantees delivery times of eight weeks—you can count on us to reduce downtime, save money, and maximize results. Ready to start outperforming?



brochure for BHS' new facility and capabilities